Friday, October 26, 2012

Instruction Printout

Thanks for purchasing , its easy to operate! And fun to use,

Open up contents and get ready!

GROW BULBS -blue or daylight,
FLOWER-red/orange=light given off or also called soft white

1. Take contents out of box, so that just hydroponic system is on bottom and plug into pump

2. Pop in your grow cubes. plant your seeds! FIll water to bottom of net pots, keep dark for 24 to 36 hours with seeds planted,
then start your light schedule,

3. After about 3-4 inches of growth, mix 1 Teaspoon of nutrients in a gallon of water. This will be your nutrients,
same with flowering nutrients but not used until flower stage,

4. Every 4-5 days pour in some nutrient mixture (about 1/8-1/4 cup)into the basin,(can pour directly on cubes.)
Less is better than more, they will still grow, experiment when plant is nice and healthy how high you want to dose it,
but take it easy, they'll still grow, Go light, its better than over feeding especially light when young.

5. This will ensure proper growth without over due,WARNING if plants shows burning edges discontinue nutrients for couple days.

6. Fill water to bottom of net pots should stay close to that thruout your grow.
7. Your all set plug in and watch it grow,

Roots will grow into basin, they will strive to get there so no need to overfill basin to keep cubes wet,


1 teaspoon of dry mix per gallon of water,(mix,shake bottle) .
Then pour nutrients to plants every 4-5 days, after a few inches of growth.

Supergrow method= 18hrs light,6 off for as long as you want vegetatitive growth for for autoflowering plants, you can leave lights on longer and will
not need to follow this lighting schedule, but for regular plants this is it, when when want to
enduce flowering in regular plants of your choice , switch to flowering bulbs and turn to 12on 12 off schedule

G bag-grow nutrients
F bag-flower )

-Keep sponges moist with water bottle first few days to week, (spray when look dry)
-Dont overuse nutrients, if plant looks stressed etc remember,less of can grow a plant still, to much can kill one
keep waters at bottom of cube, this will ensure roots "reaching to nutrified water"
- dump waet every 3 weeks, but main goal is to keep your basin clean as possible throughout your grow so you wont have to disturb it

Any questions or problems, I'll help you out anytime, email me at light 18/6 For Grow Stage, 12/12 For Second Stage of Plant Growth
Always use less nutrients rather than more, this will let you feel your plant out rather than overdose it
1 teaspon per gallon of mix is ideal nutrient mixture for your hydroponic grow box
6500k bulbs are your grow bulbs, 2700k are your flowering bulbs
Your grow box is great for cloning, simply apply gel to cutting and insert into grow cube, wait 1-2 weeks for suffiecient root growth and use your 6500ks 24hrs on .
You can run a  grow box flowering chamber side by side for optimum year round growing, with literally no time between harvests.
Small strains work best in your box, but larger strains can be grown as well, just run your grow cycle only 2 weeks, and switch up to flower cycle
Carbon filters are removable with drill in rear and should be changed accordingly, can be purchased at local aquarium store.
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Feel free to email me questions.